Seething Akira – ‘Airstrike’ Music Video

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June 15, 2015
A Short film shot with the A7S and Anamorphot adapter
October 14, 2015
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Seething Akira – ‘Airstrike’ Music Video

I would say that this video is by far and away the most random brief we have had and as such this was one of the funniest shoots so far. Having discussed the ideas for the video with Seething Akira, it became apparent that they wanted something tongue in cheek and nothing too serious at all which that freed us up to let our minds run wild, anything from Darth Vader style choke holds to knitted weapons were on the table.

Having storyboarded and planned the video, the shoot day came and like all shoots there were few minor issues!!! The first one was the lighting; having planned for a dark shoot with spots to highlight the action, the overhead skylights put paid to that straight away. We decided to shoot regardless and utilise the well lit space, which in turn gave us the room to push the vibrancy and colour in the final grade so it actually turned out for the best!

Working with the fighters and band was an absolute joy and we utilised the fighters experience to brainstorm ideas and shoot some of the move on the fly, like the slams and spinning kick. Luckily the band were up for throwing themselves around those moves become the main focus of the slo mo on the FS700.

As this was a fast track we decided to use the A7S as a main camera and stay in close to the action to create a more urgent feel. This was then used with the 200fps shots on the FS700 for the half time sections to add some variety and the pure cinematic quality that super slo motion brings. All in all this was an absolute blast to shoot and we hope you have the same experience watching it!

– Eldge

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