Quiet Lions – “Shallows” Music Video

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May 5, 2015
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Quiet Lions – “Shallows” Music Video


This video for Quiet Lions was something that had to come together very quickly, as the band were looking to get something out to coincide with the release of their new ep. We had a meeting and they had said they wanted a performance video with a look and feel that relates to the songs vibe and lyrics. We projected their album artwork on to them with some effects applied which worked really nicely and we bought some food colouring and a glass vase which we used for the effects that are overlayed throughout the video.

This was a chance for us to further test our new anamorphot adapter from SLR Magic, which has blown us away since we’ve bought it and really goes a long way to giving our videos that cinematic quality we have been looking for since we started the company.

All in all we feel this video has captured the murky and dark atmosphere of being under water and enclosed. We are very pleased in how its been received as well. Also, check out some behind the scenes photos the boys took during the shoot below.

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