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Why do some videos work well and others are ignored?

Wild Stag Studio understands that storytelling is fundamental to communication. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words but a well-crafted video will allow you to create truly enthralling stories. When your visual narrative is engaging and dynamic, consumers sit up and take note; it’s inevitable they can’t help themselves. When a video is company-centric and overly promotional people switch off.

Can you provide a video to tight deadlines?

Everyone is a filmmaker. We have the capacity to create a film on our smartphones at any time we like. Sometimes these quick ‘behind the scenes’ shots can be just what potential customers need to see. However, when you want to make a documentary or have an innovative and potentially creative film in mind, then you will certainly benefit from professional expertise and assistance.

Can I repurpose video content from my event?

At Wild Stag our production team has been working with a huge variety of clients that all have very different products and brands to market. We’ve made everything from music videos, corporate videos, promotional films and documentaries. We’ve also created crowdfunding films, shorts for charities and even marketing pieces for local shops; books on wild living and initiative escape rooms.

Why is pre production so important when filming corporate videos in London?

Our Aim Is Always To Offer You A High-Quality Video Product We are a highly creative and professional video team that enjoys creating unique and contemporary films and videos that really grab attention. Our aim is to help you succeed and tell your story to as many people as possible. Red Bull, Microsoft, Thomas Cook, Anglia Ruskin University and others have all chosen Wild Stag Studio to provide the creative force behind their promotional video output. Why don’t you contact us about your proposed film project and see if you like us.

Why do so many corporate videos follow a template structure?

Wild Stag Studio also likes to work very closely with our clients to really understand where their videos will fit into a marketing campaign or their asset base. After all, we want your film to reflect your company or organisation, create trust and communicate just what makes you special.

Why should a business create quality corporate video content?

Our Video Production Services Are Broad In Spectrum If you are looking for branded content or videos that engage and inspire potential clients, we can help. Obviously not every single video is going to be big production values or high budgets and we understand that. We can scale or production teams up and down depending on what you might need. The big ‘hero’ film may be a once in a while creative endeavour, whereas a ‘how to’ video might be something you want to do regularly. No matter what you need from TVC to DRTV productions Wild Stag Studio can handle all aspects for you.



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We hope that it provides you with some valuable insight which in turn helps your business grow and get more results with your video content.

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