A Short film shot with the A7S and Anamorphot adapter

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July 28, 2015
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October 14, 2015
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A Short film shot with the A7S and Anamorphot adapter

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Sony A7s 1.33x Anamorphot Brighton Film from Wild Stag Studio on Vimeo

We are constantly trying to make our videos look and feel more cinematic. Our Anamorphot adapter helps us do that; stretching the image to give some amazing lens flares and bokeh which is a technique used in cinema for years.

After watching a live performance video from the band Savages, directed by the incredible Giorgio Testi, we were incredibly inspired and set out to try and replicate the intensity and composition of the video, so we went out in to Brighton a couple of evenings ago and quickly threw together this video. It may not have the narrative, but we feel we’ve achieved a feel and vibe which could easily be the intro to a film or tv show. The use of the black bars at the top and bottom really helps to compose the feel where you can split the screen in to 3 or 4 sections which can each tell a separate story if you want. It was a fun experiment and a technique we look forward to replicating in future short films and music videos.

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