Is the Sony FS7 Still Relevant in 2019?

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February 15, 2019
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Is the Sony FS7 Still Relevant in 2019?

In our new video production vlog, Dave talks about why we use the Sony FS7 as our main camera on the majority of the shoots we do and why we chose to purchase it instead of the much sought-after Red.

Even though it has been out for 5 years, the camera is still at the forefront of a lot of video crews’ arsenal with its versatility and ‘ready to shoot’ design straight out of the box.

With more of a demand for 4k video these days it really helps that this camera can shoot it internally up to 50 frames per second for some nice slow motion shooting but also shoots 100 frames per second at 1080p for those times you may need something slower. The image quality meets Netflix’s standards and would definitely be suited to a documentary film.

With it being perfect for handheld filming and rigged up on a tripod, we just adore the fact we can run through the woods with it on a low budget music video but still get that high-quality video for corporate or branded content shoots. The 10-bit colour science makes colour grading really straight forward and there is lots of room to push it for different looks when needed.

It has built-in ND filters so you don’t have to carry one with you and waste time screwing them on and off, the xlr inputs mean you can record audio directly into the camera and the sdi ports mean you have a secure connection to your monitor, and with there being two, you can send another feed to the client or director.

Another big reason we chose the Sony FS7 over, for example, the Red Raven or Scarlet W, was the price. You could buy three of these cameras for the price of the entry-level Red Raven kit and that really swung the decision for us for the type of video content and clients Wild Stag Studio deal with on a day to day basis. We would definitely love to be Red owners in the future though, especially for our more narrative work.

So, in conclusion, this beast of a camera is still kicking it with the new kids on the block and although it may not be the trendiest or sexiest, it certainly gets our creative juices flowing!

What is your go-to camera or piece of video equipment? Let us know in the comments.

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