A great video can catch attentions and help you Generate new fans.


You can use it to promote your music with online advertising.


It can increase your online engagement by sharing your visual identity.


Present to industry professionals by Creating an electronic press kit.


It allows your creative vision to go further and be expressed in new ways.



London music video production company Wild Stag Studio are experts in transforming short films into mesmerising videos. In this competitive world, where every second count and each advertisement must have a strong impact on the audience, music videos play an important role. The visual and musical effects are often incomparable. But don’t let this fool you: London is a hub for these services.

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Music video production London , how we create the magic. You may be wondering how music video production companies manage to create such mesmerising videos. The answer lies in the collaboration of different artists and producers. Everything must go according to plan, which often brings together a team of people who have different ideas and perspectives on the same project. The result is a video that will have an emotional impact on you and your audience.



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As well as producing professional music videos, we also offer a full music video production service and we can help guide you from concept and strategy, through the production and into video activation. Our professional team of writers, film-makers, music video directors and professional video editors can work together to produce the most amazing high quality music videos available anywhere in London.

Our team of staff at Wild Stag Studio includes writers, directors, producers, camera operators, DOPs, sound engineers, editors. We use the latest 4k cameras and professional lighting equipment to enable us to bring the best quality music videos to life.


Having the best music video means nothing if you can’t get it seen by an audience. Distribution and monetisation of your video requires marketing from a specialist in the music industry, companies such as Symphonic Distribution will market your videos to various platforms including Vevo, Tidal, Amazon and Apple Music. There are other companies who can help market your music video on channels such as MTV and other music video channels and services worldwide.


Having a music video helps to boosts the artist’s visibility and exposure in the marketplace. By creating a compelling music video that viewers enjoy is more likely to get airtime and also shared on social media platforms helping to boost the artist’s profile.

As already mentioned above, London has been the hub for music video production throughout the history of music videos.

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The city not only offers some of the best locations in the world to shoot a music video, but it also provides the best facilities. London offers everything from the greatest recording facilities to the most amazing sound systems. The best thing about shooting in London is the availability of creative spaces and equipment available.

Of course, London isn’t the only major city that offers the best locations for music video production. New York and LA offer some of the best cities to make movies as well. However, you need to spend a lot of money to travel to these locations. London is probably the best value for money when it comes to shooting a music video, especially since the other cities are quite expensive.


As one of the leading Music Video Production Companies our directors know how to make the best videos for Rappers, Grime, Pop Artists, Rock and Roll and Country and Western as well as any other genre of music that wants a top-quality video shot for their artists and performers.

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When you shoot a music video in London, there are a few different options for you. One of the most popular options is to shoot around the famous River Thames in a boat. You can also shoot around the Tower of London, Big Ben, and even the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in West London.


As Music Video Production in London is highly sought after we are busy with new productions we encourage you to get in touch to discuss your music video requirements soon.


Using the latest technology to produce your video extends to our colour grading techniques where we apply our own twist to bring your film to life. A rich cinematic feel to your final music video will really bring it to life and is the icing on the cake for a well-produced film.


With so many different locations to choose from for your London music video production, there really is no way to describe this city. This is a truly incredible city to shoot a music video in and one of the most amazing places to shoot in the entire world. London is definitely the place to be if you want to create a music video with the best possible crew and equipment. Make your music video production stress-free, making a music video might sound like a daunting and stressful process. But with the team at Wild Stag Studio behind you, it’s more like hanging out with friends that can make amazing music videos!



Wild Stag Studio has the professional musical knowledge and technical music video experience to help you get attention!

We all know Music Videos are vital to your identity. As an artist a music video is an important part of your brand. It helps shape what people think about both you and the music. It’s a visual representation of your personality and can be the difference between a music lover becoming a fan or moving away to the next artist

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We think you’ve probably been giving the perception of your brand a lot of thought. Whether you are a band, solo artist, orchestra or other performance artist the visual perception is a music video is an essential element in your overall branding. It’s a fact of life and helps your audience appreciate the whole you. They get a real insight into who you are.

A music video reaches the parts other media sometimes miss. We have worked with pop, rock, funk, RnB, grime, metal, classical, dance, soul artists and everything in between! So, just tell us what you are looking to create.


Then why not check out our showreel.

Wild Stag Studio has the professional musical ability and technical music video knowledge to help you get attention.

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– Concept Consultation

– Performance Videos

– Narrative Videos

– Lyric Videos

– Live Sessions

– Studio Sessions

– Multi Cam Live Streaming



How much does a music video cost?

Our narrative videos start from £2000+vat and performance videos start from £1500+vat

But every music video we create is bespoke to the artist. Therefore price depends on the creative concept for the video, whether styling, make up, props, actors, locations etc are needed.

It’s best to BOOK A CALL to speak to us so we can find out what you are looking to achieve and your budget range then we can send over an itemised quote for you which breaks down what can be achieved for you.

What kinds of music videos do you make?

We love creating performance music videos, narrative music videos, live session music videos, live streamed performances, multicam gig videos, lyric videos, behind the scenes videos and anything else you can think of that is music related!

How long does a video take to create?

Again, this all depends on how complex the video is, but generally from the project getting the green light we would suggest a minimum of 2-3 weeks to plan and organise a music video and then around a month after the shoot date for a final signed off product. We are able to work faster if needed, but those are our realistic time frames.

Do you come up with scripts and creative concepts?

Yes we do! In our initial meeting we like to ask our clients to provide us at least with some references of the types of videos they like, or a mood board if possible and then one of our talented directors will work on a creative concept and script for the music video which will get the green light from the client before we start production. If you already have a concept though, we are very happy to execute that for you too!

How many rounds of amendments do I get?

All of our quotes include up to two rounds of changes. Any further changes will be charged at £75+vat per hour.

Can you travel to film my music video?

We are happy to travel anywhere in the world as long as the government says it’s safe and above board to do so! Any travel expenses and hotel costs will be included in your bespoke quote if needed.

How do you take payments?

We ask for a 50% deposit to secure a booking once the bespoke quote has been signed off by you and we ask you to sign and return our terms and conditions before we can start work on your project. Our final invoice will be sent once you have signed off on the edits and we deliver a downloadable link to the file upon final payment being received.



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