Common Questions Asked by a Video Production Agency before a Shoot

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Common Questions Asked by a Video Production Agency before a Shoot

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In recent times, a business cannot ignore the importance of video as a promotional tool. It is a valuable investment that can not only directly convey the brand’s message but also engage their audience and potential customers into buying their products. Video content has therefore been a key component of a successful video marketing strategy.

Why Consult a Video Production Agency?

Nowadays you can shoot great quality videos on your iPhone. With platforms like TikTok, Youtube and Instagram all championing UGC (user generated content) this is still a very cost effective way of growing your brand online. By bringing a video production agency to work alongside you, it can help you build a strategy for your video marketing, giving you a plan of action not only for your UGC but your entire funnel. This may contain a high production value brand film to increase awareness online, through to explainer videos, testimonials and product overviews all the way through to FAQs and sales videos; leading the buyer through the funnel all the way to a purchase whilst keeping them engaged and excited about your brand. With video engaging multiple senses it is far more effective at driving home the message than conventional text.

Most businesses trust a video production agency to not only advise them on the types of videos, where to post them and best practices but also can provide a full service from creation of concepts through to organising and executing filming and post production to give them the best results from their video content and in a variety of styles and approaches that fit with the particular audience that they are trying to reach.

Common Queries Asked by a Video Agency to a Business:

Before the video shoot begins the agency may ask some vital questions to their clients. Those questions are discussed in detail below.

 Who is the Audience?

Being the owner or marketing professional for a business, the client should aim to have a clear answer to this question. The brand should perform prior audience research to find the answer. A clear knowledge of the target audience helps video production professionals to create a video that the viewers find relatable. Building a detailed customer avatar is extremely important at this stage.

What is the Goal of this Video?

This is another key aspect that the brand should be able to inform the videographers. It plays an important role in determining the KPI and end result of the completed video. It will also help them define the purpose of the video which the agency can shoot accordingly.

 What is the Call to Action?

If the brand has indulged in digital marketing campaigns in the past, it should be familiar with Call to Action (CTA). It is the action that needs to be taken by the audience once they have watched a video. For example they can visit the website or contact the business for more information.

What Should We Inform the Audience?

A video is a flow of information between the business and its consumers. The video production agency acts as a channel of communication. Defining what the audience needs to gain from watching the video is very important. This can be dictated by the stage of the buyer’s journey that they are on and if you are looking to inform or inspire with the messaging and the action that needs to be taken afterwards can also influence this.

If you are looking for a promotional video for your business or need help with building your video marketing strategy then you can contact Wild Stag Studio. We have considerable experience in creating engaging videos for businesses that drive results. For more information visit their website.

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