Video Production for YouTube


Why use video to promote a business on YouTube?

Since Google acquired YouTube in 2006 the platform has become a staple for business promotion. Professional video production for YouTube can make a massive difference to your success. After all it is the second most visited website. So why wouldn’t your business be there?

We all know, by our own personal behaviours, that YouTube is the first port of call for almost anything. If you need to fix something, know something; discover something YouTube is the best place to start. That’s great but what can you do to make your video content stand out from the crowd?

Video production in london

You can capture attention regardless of the size of your business with a professional, creative and quality film.

As part of a video marketing strategy you can quickly see how impactful a well-crafted film can be. YouTube is the platform that will give you considerable exposure and now is the time to leverage this.

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How does a business grab attention on YouTube?

Although YouTube is extraordinarily popular the potential downside is that many people are using video to promote their business, brand or service. That doesn’t mean this is a negative. What it does mean is that your business or corporate video needs to offer a different perspective. Obviously a video production for YouTube needs to be well shot, colour grading should be spot on and the creative concept should reflect the specific target audience. Of course your business video needs to stand out from the rest otherwise it might be overlooked. One great way to do this is to review just what your competitors are doing when they publish their video content on YouTube.

It’s important to realise that no other business is your business.

Yes, there may be many competitors but they are not you. Therefore a video that really captures your unique approach or personality can promote trust and make your business attractive. You may well understand that although there is plenty of video footage on YouTube they may not have covered your specific niche specialism or there is no explanation of a specific query. Maybe you need to add more detail in your film, perhaps you can be more engaging.

Video production in london

When you work with an experienced video production team they can offer their expertise so that you extract the best value from the business film you decide to commission.

How can a YouTube video help my business?

Making a video production for YouTube can generate high traffic volumes. These are not a given but with billions of viewers you are more than likely to reach the target audience you are looking for with crafted video that answer questions, entertain, offers a different perspective or just looks stunning. YouTube viewers are far more plentiful than conventional terrestrial channels or cable stations. The key every time is to offer up a film or footage that treats YouTube as a professional ‘broadcasting channel’. Treat viewers with respect and they will be grateful.

What kind of video production excels on YouTube?

High quality video output will always stand head and shoulders above the crowd. YouTube offers many options and there are a number of video types that may well showcase your business better than others.

  • Customer Stories for example are always powerful testimonials for your product, brand or service. It’s a great way to capture on film what your company has done to overcome an obstacle or provide a solution. It allows people to watch someone else talking about you and that is most effective.
  • A Training Video offers what people need and also the production values communicate your professionalism and attention to detail. When you work alongside a professional video production team who understand the power of the moving image your video can have a dual purpose.
  • Event filming can show people what they have missed. This can be powerful when shown on other platforms too. Your video marketing strategy should encompass platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram or Facebook Live. A platform such as Periscope streams around 350,000 video hours of videos per day.

Create a video people want to share

So, whatever style or type of video you want produced for YouTube Wild Stag Studio is well placed to advise on every aspect of creating and producing an engaging and professional video. We can create business videos that people will want to share on their social networks. After all, people want to show they have taste, knowledge, style and are at the vanguard of information sharing or trends. What your film needs to do is to deliver value. If it’s insightful, entertaining and beautiful to look at that adds more share power.

No matter how large or small a business we can help you with video production

Therefore if you would like to promote your business on YouTube by using a video then why not speak with us about how we can show off your business and make it look the best it can be. We can scale our video production team to deal with big budget corporate films or scale down to create more modest but creative promotional videos.

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We have worked with a vast array of clients

These include Thomas Cook, Red Bull, Microsoft, Anglia Ruskin University, Penguin Random House and many others. In addition we have created stunning music videos, made promotional videos for individuals and all points between.

Whether you are a seasoned YouTube uploader or a beginner our highly experienced creative video production team can assist you in every aspect of producing a film. We can work alongside you to create storyboards and scripts, discuss treatments and then organise every single aspect of a film shoot.

2019 really is the time you put your business on film and share it with a YouTube audience. You won’t regret it. So why not contact Wild Stag Studio and get your video production for YouTube rolling now.