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Wild Stag Studio can provide a video production team that are bold, creative and understand just what you need

A promo video can be vital when used to promote your product, service or event. It quickly tells a story and stimulates the target audience to respond, often immediately.  When you create content for a video promo then it needs to be well planned, targeted and also memorable. Your promos should stand head and shoulders above the crowd. After all many people are utilising this form of communication and the last thing you want your promo to do is jostle for position.

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Why create a promo video that showcases your business?

The important thing about successful promo videos is they need to draw in the viewer straight away. At Wild Stag Studio we have considerable experience of creating promo videos that look exciting and engaging. Although we do everything from music promos to corporate video productions, essentially we want to create moving images that will showcase the artists, company, service or product in the best way possible. We think that what’s important is to stand in your target audience’s shoes and understand just what they want from a promotional video. It’s a great opportunity to understand just how people see you and what they want from you. When you understand these things then creating a promo video is much easier and will be more successful in creating a tangible impact.

What benefits are there from creating a promo video production?

A really creative, exciting and cinematic promo can do the work of a 1000 words. When a promo video is impactful people remember what they’ve seen. When a promo stops people in their tracks that’s when they start to spread the experience by word of mouth. They will also share on social media and say, ‘Hey this promo video demands attention.’ This means that if you make the decision to make a promotional video you will need to be serious and commit to sourcing the most creative video production team you can find. The results really matter; don’t get lost in the ‘also rans’.

What team do I need to make a promo video?

A tightly knit video production team can save you time, hassle and money. When they are experienced and knowledgeable the whole team will assist you in creating a promo that you will be proud of and people will enjoy. We have a team of directors, camera operators, scriptwriters, location specialists, large filming equipment operators and even animators as and when required. Our aim is to translate your ideas and thoughts into a powerful moving image.

What kind of promo can we expect from Wild Stag Studio, Brighton?

We cut our teeth on music videos. We are a video production company based in Brighton so in some respects that was always going to be a no brainer in one sense. This niche was also a deliberate business decision as Dave Neale was a professional musician. He had  considerable experience of touring worldwide with chart topping bands and artists. ‘I have watched thousands of music promos and having worked on the other side of the camera and watched how video were made I wanted to do more. The experience I bring with me enables us to create edgy, exciting and authentic promos that really demand attention.’

Why do small businesses need video?

However, we don’t just work with musicians. We have created videos for small business, individuals and have even made a film to show just how powerful video content can be for small businesses in particular. We spoke with a number of business owners that Wild Stag Studio had filmed and asked them about the impact of their promo videos on awareness, engagement and sales. You can watch our video, ‘why small businesses need video’ right here.

The important thing about a video is that it will give you a perfect opportunity to tell your very own story. People are very interested in what makes a company tick. We all love a behind the scenes peak behind the curtain. When you communicate a narrative that’s engaging and dynamic an audience can’t help but take notice.

Wild Stag Studio puts the customer front, left and centre in the video promo process. Our ultimate aim is that you will enjoy the process as much as we get excited about shooting the footage and editing the shots to create a film that captures who you are and what you do.

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What clients have Wild Stag Studio worked with on promo videos?

We have been very lucky to work with some pretty big names when it comes to creating video productions of the promo variety. You can see examples of our clients on our portfolio page. Why not watch some of the promo videos we have created so you can get a feel for our creative approach. Good examples of innovative approaches are the films we made with Thomas Cook, Red Bull, Black Peaks, Anglia Ruskin University, Bewilderbox, Microsoft, Brighton College, Penguin Random House, Sony Music, BMG Music, Universal Music, Box 2, Q Leisure, DK Music Management, BIMM, Warrior Run, Oceanover, Advantage Agency, The Institute of Maths, Ronnie Wood and Gilbert O’Sullivan to name a few.

Therefore if you would like to discuss how we can develop a shared video when it comes to promo films and videos then do let our creative teams and our production experts help you transform your ideas. A promo video really is an extraordinarily powerful brand expression; so don’t leave it to chance. Contact us today and begin your journey to a stunning promo video.