Video Production Services London


Video Production Services London

When you choose a video production location like London it will impact dramatically on your finished video footage. The capital city is an edgy, exciting and creative space. In addition London landmarks are so well known worldwide that your film already has an advantage. By filming in London you can capture the vibrancy and history of this incredible city as part of your film.

 In fact, Wild Stag Studio’s production team film businesses and individuals in London regularly. We know the very best sites and locations to underscore your vision. We also send out our team on regular location searches so there are plenty of options to offer our clients. Secretly we really love shooting films, documentaries and music videos when we can use London as a backdrop.

Video production in london

 Why use London as a video location?

London offers tremendous variety; from the markets in Borough, Brixton, Greenwich. Petticoat Lane and Columbia Road, London is always colourful and busy. Our production teams have an eye for the buzz and energy from places like Piccadilly Circus, Hoxton, Westminster or Knightsbridge as just a few examples of the varied locations on offer. By filming close to some iconic architectural statements a little of their cachet rubs off on to the final product. This is why we really do recommend using London as a backdrop for your video production.

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London has so many little details to accentuate your film.

With such a long history and patina gleaned over centuries London has the ability to throw up unusual and unexpected detail. These details underscore the narrative and the action. When you work with high quality equipment and aim for a cinematic film London seems to lend itself beautifully to the challenge. When we go out filming in London we want to create something unique that will look different and create a buzz.

We look for creative ways to communicate your message in a video for any purpose

Wild Stag Studios communicates a visionary and highly creative approach when planning to shoot any video. Having worked in London so often our knowledge and experience means we are quick and ready to advise with plenty of suggestions and ideas that we know really work.  In addition we are always up for a challenge in any video production shoot. Do chat to us about your needs.

Filming a video in London is exciting for all concerned

Simply reading a script from an autocue can sap all the energy and individualism from the message. Viewers are very experienced and savvy when it comes to consuming video content and they expect the best. We find that any video production set in London is immediately elevated and all ‘actors’ seem to raise their game. We have seen it so many times. In fact we would like to say that our video production teams do their very best to create high quality, unique and beautiful videos for all our clients.  However, you can’t beat London it seems.

When you decide that London is the location for your film, documentary or promotional video then you are spoilt for choice. With over a mile of extraordinary history and architecture and with Greater London stretching for 40 miles we have plenty of options. This means that if you are looking for a different approach or would like to see something a little more creative and radical in terms of video production we can help. Having worked with some pretty big organisations nothing really phases us. The last thing Wild Stag wants to bee seen as is predictable.

Why should a business create quality video content?

We really hope that people and companies commissioning video productions will have already developed a strategy. It’s always a great idea to consider just how a video’s role will impact on your marketing efforts. We know that a video can be a foundation stone for what follows. Therefore if you are considering say London as a location for a video shoot consider your target audience. London almost acts a s a short hand and you can quickly communicate your core messaging. People have little patience and want to understand what you are offering immediately. Brand or product perception needs to be compelling. Wild Stag Studio can help you with all of these aspects.

Why does pre-production matter so much to a video production?

There’s a very old saying: ‘Measure twice, cut once’ and it’s something we agree with. Video production costs do cost money. Therefore everyone is keen to squeeze the most value from a video shoot in London. Therefore Wild Stag Studio take pre-production planning very seriously. Before any camera begins to roll we  check out locations in London, work out timings, props, transport, scripts, potential risk etc.  This means every penny spent is spent on  creating the very bets

We believe that every corporate needs to walk in the shoes of the target audience and see things from their perspective. What is basic knowledge to you might be something completely different for a potential client. Your video might be the very first film they have watched outlining your genre or skill. Be aware that you don’t confound an audience with acronyms etc. On the other hand it’s important not to appear condescending. Therefore there is a fine line to walk so that confidence and trust is instilled within a few moments.

We enjoy shooting footage in London. However, we really understand the pre-production process. Therefore we do our utmost to ensure that we truly understand your core messages are just as important as the actual camera work when shooting on location

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Why is pre-production necessary when filming videos in cities like London?

In fact we believe pre-production is an essential aspect of the film production process. Excellent planning and research means budgets are met and time is not wasted. When everyone has a clear idea regarding costs, creative treatment and the whole reason for shooting footage in London then the film project runs smoothly. When actors and filmmakers are confident about where they should be, what they should be doing and have all the appropriate equipment filming goes well.

Our aim is to make people stop and take notice of your video. Of course we are aware that incoming traffic is important for your site but audience engagement is very important too. People need to watch a video and know immediately that you are offering the solution they are looking for. Our aim is to plan methodically so we can deliver excellent footage on the day.

So whether you would like to film on the Thames (permissions required) or close to Tower Bridge we can help you choose the London location to suit your video. We will scope carefully to extract the most from your filming budget.

We think London is an excellent location choice for a video. With our top-flight location managers and planning teams we are able to concentrate fully on creative output. So if the idea of shooting a film in London appeals then why not give us a call and discuss your film project in more detail.