Corporate Video Production Services in London


Corporate Video Production Services in London

London is a brilliant location to film a corporate video. The whole built space lends itself to filming edgy, corporate, and creative videos. London is so well known that people instantly associate it with commerce and business. Wild Stag Studio is always excited at the prospect of shooting footage in amongst London’s iconic skyline.

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 Why use London for your corporate video location?

London has a tremendous history and as a consequence there are all kind of offices to stage a video shoot. In addition top quality hotels can be used to create a high-end feel to a corporate video. Wild Stag Studio is a video production company that has specific specialisms in creating films for corporates and big business purposes. We are often shooting footage in London and have excellent knowledge of what the city has to offer. This is why we would recommend creating your video to promote your corporation in the nation’s capital city.

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London gives us the opportunity to focus on the little details that make films special.

There are many in London that add charm, gravitas, and a sense of personality to a film that can appear dull without a bold narrative and supporting detail. We like to approach a filming project with a cinematic vibe that will provide an uplift so viewers are engaged. Wild Stag Studio does not want to produce yet another corporate video that can’t be differentiated from any other.

We look for a different way to communicate a corporate message

Wild Stag Studios communicates a vision and a creative standpoint when it comes to shooting video for business purposes. Often staff members are hesitant when it comes to talking on camera. We do our very best to put them at ease even when they are operating in a corporate scenario. The backdrop or location might be formal but our films are lively and more engaging than many.

We know that simply reading from an autocue can produce very stilted results.

Reading a script to the camera means much of the energy and individualism can be stripped out. Our video production team is highly experienced in getting the very best from ‘reluctant actors’. Our aim is to offer a lively and engaging feel when making business films that will likely be shown to people who have decisions to make and what to be impressed by what they see.

Our work with Microsoft, RedBull, Anglia Ruskin, Thomas Cook, University, and Penguin Random House demonstrates the confidence companies have in our approach. When we combine creativity and flair with stunning locations within the City of London and the whole of the capital great results can be created. When you make the decision to utilise all London has to offer for your business video a whole raft of opportunities is suddenly open to your company. Your corporate message does not have to be predictable. Our aim is to develop an imaginative showcase for what you believe and what added value you can bring to potential clients.

Why do so many corporate videos follow a template structure?

Watch many corporate films and videos and you start to see they follow a format. This is not something we utilise. First and foremost Wild Stag Studio is all about creating a story that is compelling. Our aim is for your corporate video, whether it’s shot in London or beyond is memorable. We want viewers to feel they know what you stand for and how you go about your business. Creating a relationship with a viewer is at the heart of all our filming work. If you choose London as your business film location you will find there are fewer constraints. The vibrancy and reputation that London business has enjoyed for centuries will come through your own film. Think about a different type of film can make a lasting impression when you do something out of the ordinary.

Why should a business create quality corporate video content?

When you create a strategy for your corporate content then film will pay a role. Wild Stag Studio understands the importance of corporate video and it often acts as a foundation for the strategy. We know that there are three main things to consider when thinking about a corporate film:

  1. Your corporate message should put the client at its heart. Your potential clients and customers need to be targeted directly.
  2. Time is short. An audience will give you just a couple of seconds to engage their attention. You message needs to be terse and cogent in one sense but imaginative and engaging in another. It’s quite a skill that’s important across cinema worldwide.
  3. Often there is very little time for video production and your corporate film should work hard to craft compelling brand perception.

We believe that every corporate needs to walk in the shoes of the target audience and see things from their perspective. What is basic knowledge to you might be something completely different for a potential client. Your video might be the very first film they have watched outlining your genre or skill. Be aware that you don’t confound an audience with acronyms etc. On the other hand it’s important not to appear condescending. Therefore there is a fine line to walk so that confidence and trust is instilled within a few moments.

We enjoy shooting footage in London but we understand the pre-production process where we do our best to ensure we understand your core messages is just as important as the actual camera work when shooting on location

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Why is pre-production so important when filming corporate videos in London?

Our aim is to stop people so they are compelled to watch your corporate film. Yes, we also want to help you drive traffic to your site but what’s most important is to deliver clear messages that speak to the audience so they understand exactly what you do and how you do it. We like to really nail the pre-production considerations so we can concentrate on shooting sufficient high quality footage.

We like to understand all aspects of pre-production from risk assessment to location search. Whether you want to shot a video at the foot of the famous Gherkin building or on a boat going along the Thames we plan everything. We know that it’s important to scope carefully so we can make the best use of time and come in on budget every time.

When we are free to concentrate on location we create more creative output. When we have the roadmap of exactly what’s required, equipment lists, a top quality script. Transport and understanding of lighting and shooting conditions we can focus on getting the very best from you. If this makes you excited for the possibilities surrounding a film shoot in London please do contact us for more details Together we can tell your story.