Business Video Production


Why is video so good for businesses?

We all know from our own personal experience that advertisements that interrupt no longer work.  Most audiences prefer advertisements that look different. We are looking for humour, pathos and self- effacement. Bold, brash and in your face display ads belong in the bin. That’s why we believe the business video can have a massive impact on how people perceive your business. They consume a very wide range of video content and in many respects is a preferred medium.

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Will a video work for all kinds of businesses?

Whatever your genre or industry type there is a film or video that can accentuate what you do. There is also an audience actually waiting for the type of business video content they need when they need it. Whether you are thinking that animation or live action will suit we can help you create exactly the type of  video to promote your business successfully.

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Are you producing enough business video content for different stages in the customer journey?

We all know that the customer journey looks very different these days. Consumers need different content and different types of content depending at what stage they are at.  That’s why our business video production teams are  capable of crossing continents as it were and producing film and video for all kinds of business case scenarios.

Do you have business content to help people when they need help?

You may or may not be aware that there are different types of content and even business video content that can help, depending on what your customer is looking for at the time. For example what do you offer when your client or potential client needs help from your business? How useful would any of the following be so people could watch a video whenever they needed an instant answer or advice?

Have you considered an explainer video to outline what your business or business products/ services do?

What about a ‘how to’ video that is helpful and shows that you understand the products and services you sell?

Perhaps you might want to show off your latest product in a business video that gives you the chance to showcase what you do or your latest upgrade?

People like to watch testimonials. They show real people talking about why your business helped them succeed or solve a problem.

Will a video business case study work for me?

Another very useful video that businesses use often are case studies. It’s always a great idea to show the ‘who, what, why’ of a project and how your business made a positive impact. People can empathise and clearly understand, through the medium of film, just what your USP is and what a difference it can make.

Should you video a conference?

If you have set up a conference it’s often a great idea to film people at that conference. Show people what they are missing. Demonstrate how cutting edge your business is. Facebook Live is a great space, for example, to show what’s happening at a conference.

Different types of business videos help people get to know you.

They are first base films that introduce what you do, sell, offer and are a potential customer’s first port of call. Once you have engaged their interest other videos can be made so they can get to know just what you else you can offer and deepen the engagement. IN these business videos you can really start to target your audience interest and even muscle in on the things they like.

Looking For A Video Production Company?

You might like to try these types of videos to promote your business:

  • We film videos that are branded content. For example red Bull doesn’t specifically advertise their drinks but they do produce branded business videos that people have come to love.
  • You could endorse or sponsor films that align to your particular offer and work within your industry or interest niche.
  • A video series can give clients a real insight into what makes your business so special. As an online video publisher people look forward to the next in the series.
  • Docu-style entertainment can be an unusual but captivating way of promoting your business on video and can offer some amazing behind the scenes business shots.
  • Finally an all-out promotional business video with blue sky thinking and demonstrating who you are and how you run your business can be very useful when people want to get to know you better.

When your business needs a big video then this is where you might want to think about what is termed ‘hero’ content. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. These business videos are designed to show the world you are here. This is where significant budget and considerable resource are put into a television commercial production. Consider what the big supermarkets spend for their Christmas promotional tv ads, for example, and you can see what we mean.

If you are looking for brand video productions, viral- style marketing campaigns or even a DRTV or Direct Response TV business films we can help gain the traction you are looking for.

At Wild Stag Studio we have experience in making all types of video and films for business large and small.  We can tailor the project to suit your business case and also your budget.  Please do not be afraid to discuss your business video needs with us. We would be happy to advise and make creative suggestions about what might work to gain further exposure for your business. Why not give us a call and talk through your aims and objectives for your business video needs.