• Are you looking to get more clarity on your video marketing strategy?

  • Don’t know where to start with creating videos for your business?

  • DO YOU Want to learn what types of videos will work best for you?


In our Video Blueprint Workshop we will collaborate with your team to give you the clarity and creative direction you need when planning your video content, utilising our experience in video.  We will focus on your audience, goals, budget and message to get the best results for your business’ video content strategy. After the workshop we will deliver you a PDF document containing a detailed blueprint on the creative direction required for a video that connects with your audience and how it will need to be executed. 

The workshop can be hosted in person or virtually (depending on your preference) and will take around two hours. We won’t just talk at you the whole time like a lecture either. It’s a chance for you to bring any thoughts and ideas to the table so that we can craft your video strategy TOGETHER to get the best results possible for your specific business! 

What is covered in the 2 hour workshop?

– Discuss your company and project goals

– Define success for the campaign

– Define who your audience(s) are / could be

– Determine what calls to action(s) will be most effective

– Walk through our proven story structure with your team

– Define and agree upon goals of the project

– Develop 3-5 keywords for the video

– Build consensus amongst your team for the direction of the piece

– Consult on key players / characters featured in video

What is included in the final Video Blueprint PDF?

– Clear goal of video marketing strategy

– Suggested types of potential video deliverables (ie bumper, brand story,   content pieces, explainer, etc)

– Key characters and talking points

– Hand-picked inspiration to help guide the creative direction – Mood board to define the visual approach

– Soundtrack samples

– Sample script or storyline framework

– Proposed budget based off of the range you provide

Do I have to book a workshop before Wild Stag Studio will film my company’s video?

No. If you just want us to turn up with our kit and film something for you then we can definitely do that. 

We do highly recommend a workshop to save you time, increase the success of the video and provide clarity for your entire team before we start production. 

Who needs to attend the workshop?

Anyone who is part of the decision making process for your video. This could be just the marketing team or could also include board members or management. It’s key that these people are on board at this stage of the production process to save time and money further down the line. 

Do I need an idea for my video before taking part?

Absolutely not. Within the two hours of a workshop we will be able to guide you to a point where you have a creative direction for your video, even if you have no ideas to begin with. This one reason why the workshop is so valuable for you and your team. 

Should I still book if I already have an idea for my video?

We welcome you bringing ideas to the table at a workshop. It’s a great opportunity to brainstorm them with the team and refine them so that they are absolutely hitting the right points to get the best results. The workshop could help you expand on your initial idea or you may even find one you like better during the process!

How do I book a workshop?

To book, click here to set up a call with our team.

If you have any more questions then we’d be happy to chat. Get in touch with us now. 




Our process

At Wild Stag Studio, we have a process which we feel provides our clients with a bespoke video content and strategy that is right for them them so that their goals are reached at the end of each project. Although our process is similar from client to client, the end result will differ greatly depending on what is right for that particular organisation.


Discovery call

We start with a Discovery Call over 15 minutes or so to learn a little about you and your company or healthcare practice, outlining your aims for the video project.

Storyline Blueprint Workshop

Next we advise going through our Storyline Blueprint Workshop. This is where we can really take a deep dive in to your business and craft a strategy that is in keeping with your brand messaging and target audience, culminating in a detailed blueprint of the direction your video strategy should take.

Pre Production

We will then enter the Pre Production stage, where we will create a treatment or storyboard and script for the video which will be signed off by you before filming can commence.


The Production stage is where ‘the magic happens’ and we capture your story, messaging or product with our team of experienced and lovely video professionals!

Post Production 

Post Production is where we piece together the shots, add music, sound design, graphics and anything else that will get your message across to your audience in an eye catching way.


Delivery is where we hand over the video and get you a consistent ROI.

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